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Hi-tech Li-Ion battery pack for UPS for CAMCO

Wamtechnik has designed and produced Li-Ion cell for UPS of CAMCO. The UPS is designated mainly for military industry. Modern Li-Ion technology replaces previous lead-acid battery. The significant distinctions in parameters are presented below:
- threefold capacity increase at the same dimensions – at lead-acid battery amounting to 5Ah; at Li-Ion cells amounting to 15Ah,
-lower bare weight of  battery pack which amounts to 10,30 kg while at lead-acid battery it amounts to 14,40 kg.
Due to electronic system, a Li-Ion battery pack is equipped with several protections against:
- overcharging
- too deep discharging
- overheating.
An additional strength of Li-Ion technology is exceeded cell durability. Lead-acid batteries operate for approx. 300 cycles only but Li-Ion cells for over 900 cycles. Environmental protection aspects are also of a great importance at Li-Ion technology as the cells do contain harmful substances and heavy metals which can easily slip into soil.

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