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Hi-tech Li-Ion battery pack for UPS for CAMCO
Wamtechnik has designed and produced Li-Ion cell for UPS of CAMCO. The UPS is designated mainly for military industry. Modern Li-Ion technology replaces previous lead-acid battery. The significant distinctions in parameters are presented below:- thre...

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An ecological Quad with electric drive
  An ecological, energy-saving and electrically driven QUAD is a demo version. The intrnal-combustion engine and fule farm of Polaris vehicle were dismounted and replaced by lithium-ion cell at total capacity of 7,8 kWh. The cell is equipped wi...

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GPS/GSM positioning and communication system
To ensure efficient GPS positioning, especially in urgent situations, the system operates by using intelligent microprocessors and newly developed software.

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Power supply to electric vehicle Re-Volt
Developed for Swiss SAM Group.

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