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Cadex SnapLockTM adapters allow for an easy controll of all types of cells. Analysers are configured by C-Codes that are put in adapters. Each adapter may be programmed for ten C-Codes and to service any types of cells. On request we are able to deliver special types of adapters.


Adapter RigidArm™

The RigidArm™ adapter is designed for easy connection of cell phone batteries. The four-wire RigidArm™ handles a wide range of cellular phone and other rechargeable batteries. Spring-loaded arms lock in position to allow quick and accura...

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Custom Battery Adapters

Custom Battery Adapters are most convenient for common batteries Custom-built SnapLock™ adapters allow easy interface with commercial packs. The adapters contain C-codes that configure the analyzer to the correct setting. Each adapter can be prog...

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FlexArm Adapter suitable for different types of cells Cadex FlexArmTM is applied when none of ordered adapters is applicable. Flexible arms of pins are able to reach small contacts of hard access. Magnetic conductor keeps the cells in place. ...

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The Smart Cable

Adjusted for higher batteries. The Cadex Smart Cable serve higher batteries, which are placed outside. Temperature sensor is fixed with a cell by a magnet. Jaws clamps are good connectors with exofacial tips of cells.

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