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Analyzers The Cadex C7000 Series battery analyzers are ideal for servicing portable batteries. Cadex offers three modes, all sharing the same functionality, accessories, Battery Adapters and intuitive user interface. The analyzers work with most...

Technical parameters

Cadex C7200 40 Wat

Analyzers The two-station Cadex C7200 suits smaller organizations. 40 watts of charge power at 4 amps per station ensure quick service of larger batteries. This economical analyzer offers similar features to the larger C7400.· Battery voltage...

Technical parameters

Cadex C7400 80 Wat

With four-stations and 80 watts of charge power, the Cadex C7400 is most economical in terms of cost per station. The extra station increases throughput and adds accomodation flexibility of batteries that require immediate service.· Batte...

Technical parameters

Cadex C7400ER 170 Wat

The Cadex C7400ER is the most powerful of the C7000 Series battery analyzers. Six amps per station, service of 36 volt batteries and 170 watts of continous power satisfies most service requirements. Battery voltage range 1.2 to 36V (Li-ion)· C...

Technical parameters

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