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Cadex C5100

Battery Rapid-Tester for global storefront service
The single-station Cadex C5100 is designed to rapid-test cell phone batteries. The 30-second test provides the customer a clear assessment of battery performance. Operation is simple and the narrow footprint fits nicely into storefront operations. The RigidArmTM allows easy interface with most cell phone batteries and can be changed with other SnapLockTM Battery Adapters. A list of custom adapters is on Battery Adapters for Cell Phones.
· Checks cell phone batteries in 30 seconds
· Prevents discarding of batteries in-service
· Simple operation allows storefronts use
· Improves customer satisfaction
· Reduces handling costs, saves money

End needless battery replacement

Groundless replacement of warranty batteries costs cell phone providers an estimated $10 million annually. A closer look reveals that 90% of these packs have no problem. QuickSortTM checks battery performance in 30 seconds and classifies them into:
· Good - can be reused
· Low - replacement recommended
· Poor - faulty; discard

What batteries does QuickSortTM test?

The QuickSortTM matrix for the Cadex C5100 accommodates 3.6V (3.7V) lithium-ion batteries with capacities of 500-1500mAh. Select the battery capacity rating on the tester, connect the battery and press the Test key to start.

Storefront Use

The Cadex C5100 tests a battery while the customer waits. Non-performers are replaced with a previously serviced pack. On-site service reduces handling costs and disposal as well as improves customer satisfaction.

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