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Spectro CA-12

Manual battery tester CA-12 takes radine of the following capacities:
- In 30 second capacity RC, Ah, CCA and Soc
- Non-invasive, does not charge batteries
- Able to test any kinds of lead-acid batteries
- Compact and fully portable
- Supported by PC-Companion software.

Spectro CA-12 is designated to support lead-acid batteries in flooded, AGM, spiral and combined systems.A typical use of Spectro CA-12 is presented below:
- Batteries of deep discharging for club trolleys, scissors jacks, automobiles, wheelchairs
- in automotive industry, for military and marine services
- automotive batteries for forklift trucks and mining industry.

Each system or a group needs its own template. CA-12 supports five templates and additionally they may be stored by PC-Companion software and copied to CA-12 if necessary.
Spectro CA-12 is equipped with PC-Companion software for data storage, downloading tests outcome, printing reports and updating firmware. RS 232 interface or optionally Bluetooth: infrared interface for optional label printers.

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