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Panasonic Industrial Europe is a world class manufacturer of the highest quality industrial batteries and accumulators. Panasonic batteries are recommended for applications, which require the highest possible unfailing work. The company offers high quality Li-Ion batteries, Lithium and Alkaline batteries, Ni-Mh and acid-lead batteries.

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Cylidrical cells

The most popular Panasonic lithium-ion cells are of cylindrical construction. A perfect combination of high energy, safety and long-lasting life cycle are the most characteristic features of Panasonic product. The most important component of lithium-...

Technical parameters

Panasonic is a producer of lithium-ion cells of prismatic construction. There are two sizes of them. The most important component of prismatic lithium-ion cells is also circuit breaker insulating plate that protects against overcharging and too law v...

Technical parameters

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