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Panasonic Industrial Europe is a world class manufacturer of the highest quality industrial batteries and accumulators. Panasonic batteries are recommended for applications, which require the highest possible unfailing work. The company offers high quality Li-Ion batteries, Lithium and Alkaline batteries, Ni-Mh and acid-lead batteries.

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LC-QA cells are designed for the most demanding customers. Panasonic has developed cells at voltage of 12V and life operating time of 17 years at room teperature of 20oC (13 years at 25oC). The offered cells of all common capacities are designed...

Technical parameters

According to EUROBAT, Panasonic LC-R cells are designed to serve for 6-9 years at buffer and recurrent operation.  

Technical parameters

According to EUROBAT cells durability is designed for 10-12 years. They are designated for buffer and cyclic work.

Technical parameters

According to EUROBAT  a designed service cycle of cells is 6-9 years. it is a special kind of a battery series that is designed for UPS/ It provides 50% more of power by comparison to a conventional LC-R series at 10-minutes dischargin...

Technical parameters

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