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BYD Energy

Within twenty years company (since 1995) became one of the largest worldwide manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, with main location in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. Company produces rechargebale cells in nickel technology (Ni-Cd & Ni-MH) and lithium technology (Li-Ion, Li-FePO4 [LFP]). A year after the 2002 acquisition of Tsinchuan Automobile Co Ltd, BYD Automobile Co Ltd was born, focusing its activities on development of Electric Vehicles (EV) powered by LPF system completely made at BYD. Another business segment is Energy Storage Systems ...

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High current series

High Drain (high-current) cells are an excellent choice for power demanding applications, with high current operation (up to 15C), and cells low internal impedance. These cells have all the other advantages of Ni-Cd (very good price/perfo...

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High energy series

High Energy series has all the advantages of Ni-Cd technology, which is a very good price/performance ratio; very high reliability and long life; a wide range of operating temperature. In addition cells have higher capacities compared to ...

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High temperature series

A series of High-Temperature cells have all advantages of Ni-Cd technology: very good price/performance ratio; very high reliability and long service life. In addition, the cells have very good high-temperature charge characteristics and ...

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