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ARTS Energy : a global leader in high quality rechargeable batteries With its long-term experience in producing batteries,  unequalled expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing robust and reliable cells and battery systems. ARTS Energy focuses on business applications and totally focused on delivering products and solutions designed for business applications and adapted to the specific needs of a wide range of users.
Arts Energy - Saft

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Nickel-Cadmium technologies The VRE series is designed specially for cyclic applications that require quick charging. They are also applied in several other projects as they supply the most efficient ratio of costs to capacity. Arts Energy standard ...

Technical parameters

The VSE series is based on a modern technology of a standard nickel-cadmium cells. They supply current of 10 to 15% higher voltage than of standard ones at similar high level of capacity. A sophisiticated technology of electrode enables qui...

Technical parameters

The high temperature  VT/VNT/VST series is perfect for application in emergency lighting sector and safety systems. They are adjusted to long service time of buffer work at charging with C/20-C/15 at high temperature for at least 4 years.

Technical parameters

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