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Wamtechnik's performance of obligations resulting from the battery act

Along with the introduction of the battery act (Journal of Laws No. 79, Pos. 666) from 24 April 2009 on 12 June 2009, the regulations regarding waste in the form of worn out batteries have changed. The reason for introducing those changes was mainly to limit the negative effect of worn out batteries and cells on the environment by implementing prohibitions regarding the content of certain dangerous substances in marketed batteries and cells, and to oblige the entrepreneurs to organize the collection and recycling of resulting waste, as well as to emphasize the need of high level of worn out mobile batteries and worn out cells collection.
According to the new regulations, Wamtechnik Sp. z o.o. became the entity marketing batteries and cells, which business is to introduce batteries and cells to the domestic market for the first time. By directly selling batteries to end users we also became a retail seller, i.e. an entrepreneur, who, as part of its business, provides batteries and cells for use for a fee or free of charge.
Since we market batteries and accumulators, we are obliged to organize and finance the collection, processing, recycling and neutralizing of worn out batteries and worn out accumulators, which are the result of us marketing new products. By performing this obligation, we created conditions ensuring our clients the possibility to return worn out batteries and accumulators, which are the result of us marketing new products. Detailed information on the performance of our statutory obligations can be found below.

Bringing up the need to collect worn out industrial batteries
The battery and cell act obliges the entity marketing certain types of batteries to ensure the collection of worn out batteries from the end user and the retail and wholesale resellers. Only in certain cases can such a service be provided without the battery user bearing its costs. According to the regulations in force, the need for collection can be signaled by:
End user of worn out car batteries, worn out industrial batteries or worn out industrial cells.
End user, retail reseller and wholesale reseller of worn out acid-lead car batteries, worn out industrial acid-lead batteries and worn out industrial acid-lead cells.
In case of need of collection on our behalf, such application should be filed directly to the party performing the services of collecting worn out batteries, mentioned above, on our behalf. The party responsible for collection in our case is:
Polska Grupa Recyklingu PROEKO Sp. z o.o.
Sikorskiego 5 Str.
05-119 Legionowo-Łajski
GIOŚ Registry No. E008941ZPBP


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